Maryland Home Appraisal Services

Hiring a Maryland licensed home appraiser has never been easier. We make sure that our appraisers give you an unbiased and fair appraisal of your Maryland home,

Maryland Home Appraisals

Home Appraiser in Maryland

At Appalachian Appraisal Services, we are dedicated to giving residents of Maryland the best home appraisal experience in the state. Whether you’re looking to buy or to sell, we offer everything you need. Our experienced appraisers are faster and more experienced than anyone else in the area, so be sure to take advantage of our excellent Maryland home appraisal services if you’re in need.

Our staff are experts in all things related to real estate appraisal, including mortgages, refinances, tax appeals or any other inquiries of a general or more complex nature. The purchase of a new home is one of the largest investments most people will make in their whole lives. That’s why working with a dedicated appraiser is important in order to make sure that this life changing decision is being done under the best of conditions.

Unbiased Home Appraisal Service

Appraisers are a necessary part of buying and selling homes because not only are they trained and certified, they offer an unbiased perspective on exactly how much a home is worth. Whether you’re looking for a new main residence or a vacation spot, an appraiser is a must.

Home sales are very complex in nature. That’s why we’re proud to offer our certified Maryland home appraisal services. We’ll guide you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Home Appraisal Inspection Process

With every home appraisal, we take the inspection process very seriously and with a highly professional approach. Our appraisals will go over your entire home with a fine tooth comb to make sure that you get the fairest price possible when putting your property on the market.

Cost Approach

When determining the price of your home, our Maryland home appraisal services always use accurate and reliable methods to properly reach a conclusion on the price. When called for, our staff uses what’s known as the cost approach. This involves taking in information about local building and labor rates to determine how much it would cost to fabricate a similar property in a similar location. You can be sure that you’ll be assigned an appraiser who will not only get to know your house inside-out, but already knows Maryland itself inside-out as well!

Sales Comparison

Another approach that may be used in conjunction with the cost approach is called the sales comparison. This involves learning more about the specific neighborhood the home in question is located in. Our Maryland home appraisal services will take many details of your neighborhood into account, including proximity to school zones, traffic patterns and any kind of activity or element that has an impact on living in that area.

Sales comparison also looks at any special qualities your home may have, including extra bathrooms or bedrooms, hardwood flooring, the square footage or any special renovations that may increase the value of your property. Our Maryland home appraisal services always take a two-pronged approach by determining not just the value of your home but the value of your home’s surroundings too. Take a professional approach by choosing our Maryland home appraisal services.  

Appalachian Appraisal Services

We at Appalachian Appraisal Services also pride ourselves on our appraisers being certified professionals in Maryland locale. We make sure that our appraisers not only give you an unbiased and fair treatment, but a friendly one as well. Our Maryland home appraisal services will make selling your home feel almost as comfortable as making yourself at home.

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