Real Estate Appraisals

Desktop Appraisal

Need a quick, easy, and remote appraisal? Desktop appraisals are done remotely using third-party data to compile a picture of what your home or property is worth. This type of appraisal is best for tract housing, or average houses with few upgrades.

Hybrid Appraisal

A hybrid appraisal takes the desktop appraisal and adds actual inspection data from a licensed appraiser. Hybrid appraisals are perfect for property valuations because they are quick and competitively priced.

USDA Approved Appraisal

Rural property owners might qualify for a USDA appraisal. USDA approved appraisals are specific to approved rural properties, and therefore the inspection varies slightly from a traditional appraisal. All USDA appraisals must be done by a licensed appraiser that complies with USPAP guidelines.

Complex Assignment Experience Appraisal

If you own an atypical property, a complex assignment experience appraisal is needed. Properties that differ for their structural characteristics or unique market conditions require a special appraisal to ensure the intricacies of your property are accounted for in its valuation.

Bifurcated Appraisal

A bifurcated appraisal is another name for a hybrid appraisal. Bifurcated appraisals split the work between two people – one who completes the desktop or remote appraisal and one who completes the physical inspection. These appraisals can be quick and are competitively priced.

FHA Approved

An FHA approved Appraisal must meet Federal Housing Authority guidelines. An FHA appraisal inspects the interior, exterior, and surrounding areas to establish market value and determine if a property meets the minimum HUD standards to qualify for a government loan.

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