Is Home Appraisal Mandatory and Important?

Buying a home or refinancing your mortgage means considering several factors, and you often wonder, why get a home appraisal? Is home appraisal mandatory? Should I start preparing for the process? Sure, it’s necessary for mortgages, but is it worth the effort when investing in real estate? Yes, of course! You’d be astonished that home appraisal is a crucial step you can’t miss when getting a new house, mainly because it ensures YOU pay the fair price while the mortgage lender remains safe from significant losses.

We understand home appraisals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. And the next time you think, “is home appraisal mandatory?” Don’t forget to check this guide. This blog highlights the reasons you shouldn’t ever consider delaying or cancelling your appraisal. If anything, you must get it done immediately to avail of the benefits.

The Benefits

Finding The Home’s Accurate Value – The most important reason for home appraisals around West Virginia is the way they offer a home’s real and unbiased value – essential for sellers, buyers, and lenders.

Protecting The Buyers And Sellers 

When buyers realize the true value, they know how much to pay, avoiding the risk of paying more than the real estate’s worth. This also helps the buyers assess similar houses easily and invest in one that they know doesn’t cause them to overspend.

Similarly, the seller doesn’t fear incurring losses by selling at a lower price. Home appraisals keep traders up-to-date with current home prices and even let sellers know what to focus on to increase their home’s value further.

Safeguarding The Lenders 

Appraisals from professional and experienced organizations prevent biases and related-party intervention to offer transparent and impartial results. Therefore, home appraisals are crucial because banks need assurance that home buyers don’t overborrow. They allow the lenders to draft fair contracts with homeowners borrowing the right amount.

Home Appraisals in Maryland For Mortgage Refinancing

Why are appraisals mandatory for mortgage investors and banks? Here are three vital reasons why:


Significant damages to the foundation or roofing can occur after the previous appraisal, affecting the home’s value. New appraisals consider such issues to improve transparency.

Home Improvements

Updated home appraisals also focus on major improvements sellers may make, such as furnishing windows, flooring, or fixtures. That helps ensure sellers get the money their home deserves.


Regardless of foundation damages or notable remodeling, house values often depreciate or appreciate over time. This means having frequent home appraisals to evaluate the local market prices and analyze the present fair market value.


When Are Home Appraisals Not Mandatory?

Surprisingly, there are a few instances when you don’t require home appraisals. Previously, if a house price were below $250,000, you wouldn’t need to get an appraisal. However, according to the OCC’s new rules, houses with selling prices under $400,000 are now exempted from official appraisals. Before, deciding to waive an appraisal be sure to research the dangers behind doing that.

The Final Verdict

To conclude, “Is home appraisal mandatory in Maryland?” Yes, they are exceptionally vital. Above, we offered all the reasons to emphasize their benefits for home buyers, sellers, and lenders.

Additionally, new rules may mean you don’t need an appraisal in southern Pennsylvania if your home falls under $400,000. Check with your local state, and area to find out exact rules. However, the fact remains: home appraisals protect stakeholders from experiencing monetary losses. And alas, precaution is always better than care.

Learn More About Home Appraisal

Here at Appalachian Appraisal Services we operate in Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Be sure to check out our service areas. We are here to protect buyers, sellers, and lenders in providing a proper home appraisal and to answer any questions regarding appraisals. Contact us today to learn more about all of your options and to learn, is your home appraisal mandatory?

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